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About Us


We are two creative heads from Zurich, Switzerland who love the mountains and the ocean. We don't have many opportunities to surf but when we have the time, we definitely take our van and drive to the ocean side.  


Gian started shaping surfboards with a friend a few years ago. During Corona lockdown in 2020 he then had more time for it and converted his basement into a surfboard workshop and started sharing his work on Instagram. He also had the opportunity to take part in some design courses and soon after, produced his own designs and logos on a computer, which were printed on our first shirts. More and more we started working together on different designs and are now printing them on fairly produced apparel. Gian is still working on surfboards with Carole's help wherever needed. Offshore Surfboards is still a small business and we are slowly growing.

Now we are here and we hope we can bring a smile to people buying our fairly produced products. :)


Floca.goods also had its start during the first lockdown in spring 2020. Carole first started with selling her handcrafted glasses chains to friends and family. Words started spreading and she soon realized that the demand for her chains was very high. Her sister Florence gave her a hand and later started to produce handcrafted, colorful key chains on her own. Floca.goods also creates custom glasses- and key chains, check them out on Instagram:


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